In honor of humanitarian workers... GOPA-DERD team implemented various activities

On August 19th, the world gathers to honor humanitarian workers around the world, regardless of danger or hardship. Humanitarian workers venture deep into affected areas and on the frontlines of conflict, in an effort to rescue people and help and protect those in need.

In celebration of World Humanitarian Day, GOPA-DERD’s team implemented a series of various activities in most governorates.

In Latakia, the activities focused on raising awareness on the importance of protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, and under the slogan “Zero Tolerance”, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Daatour implemented awareness sessions for adolescent girls. GOPA-DERD’s team in Al-Haffa also organized a recreational and awareness activity.

In Aleppo, GOPA-DERD’s team implemented activities and handicrafts that dealt with the concepts of humanitarian work, where women participated from the town of Banan al-Hoss.

In Daraa, GOPA-DERD’s team honored a number of firefighters in Izraa, and implemented a psychosocial support session for them.

In As-Suwayda, GOPA-DERD team carried out an awareness-raising activity on the importance of protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, which included several introductory topics and methods of protection and reporting.

In Rural Damascus, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Jdeidet-Artouz celebrated the World Humanitarian Day by implementing a training workshop for a group of children, which included visits to homes of the elderly and people with special needs, to check on their conditions. This took place in cooperation with UNHCR.

GOPA-DERD’s “Beituna” Center’s team in As-Suwayda, in cooperation with NCA, implemented a discussion session on the importance of providing services to those who deserve it and cooperation in this regard, with the participation of several associations concerned with humanitarian work.

In Al-Hasakah, GOPA-DERD’s “Dream” Center’s team carried out an awareness session for more than 40 children, in cooperation with IOCC.