World Humanitarian Day from Faith in Actions and its translation on the ground

On the nineteenth of August of each year, the world celebrates the World Humanitarian Day, with the aim of highlighting the efforts of individuals and volunteers in humanitarian organizations and professionals who provide health care and emergency responses in the event of accidents and other types of humanitarian work, those who have been affected by a crisis or during their work by providing help and support for others.

Since facing humanitarian crises requires double collective efforts, GOPA–DERD’s team always seeks to put its effective footprint in this field, and to provide all kinds of support to those who need it.

Based on the slogan Faith in Actions and on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, our team organized various activities and field visits throughout Syria. Within these activities, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Hama visited the charitable kitchen in Maharda town, with the aim of expressing gratitude to the workers for their continuous efforts and generous offerings, where the team helped women working in this kitchen for one whole day, by cooking and distributing food to families in need. In addition, activities for women about humanitarian work were implemented.

In Jableh, Lattakia, our team carried out various activities to introduce the importance of humanitarian work, in cooperation with UNHCR. Also, GOPA-DERD’s “Beituna” Center’s team in As-Suwayda organized a field visit to more than 70 residents of Al-Tha’ala camp, to share this day with them, and to provide psychological support services through individual sessions, focusing on the importance of relieving psychological stress.

In Daraa, our team organized a ceremony to honor the active community associations in appreciation of their efforts in humanitarian work. This took place in cooperation with NCA.