Various activities to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, GOPA-DERD’s team implemented a set of activities in several areas.

In Latakia, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Al-Datour, Jableh, and Al-Haffa implemented various activities, including integration activities for autistic children, developing physical skills, recreational sessions, drawing and souvenir photos, and awareness sessions for caregivers and mothers of children about autism spectrum disorder.

With the aim of raising awareness about how to improve the lives of those suffering from autism and communicating with them, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Daraa and Izraa carried out recreational activities, an introductory activity for 20 women who are mothers of autistic children and made home visits to a number of children.

In Hama, GOPA-DERD’s “PLACE” Center’s team in Kfarbo implemented a recreational activity that included various sessions and an awareness session about autism spectrum disorder, in cooperation with Tearfund.

In Tartous, GOPA-DERD’s “Hand-in-Hand” project team in Sheikh Saad implemented various interactive and recreational activities for young people with autism spectrum disorder. This took place in cooperation with UNICEF.

In As-Suwayda, GOPA-DERD’s team of the Home Rehabilitation Program for People with Disabilities presented a training workshop within the Community Center, with the aim of raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder, monitoring indicators, and referring cases. It concluded with writing expressions of love and appreciation for autistic children.

More pictures of World Autism Awareness Day :