Empowering women... their role and rights are some titles of the activities implemented by GOPA-DERD’s team on International Women’s Day

Under the slogan “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” and various titles that focused on empowering women, their basic role and protecting their rights, GOPA-DERD’s team implemented a series of comprehensive activities in most Syrian governorates, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

In Damascus and its Rural area, GOPA-DERD’s Community Centers’ teams in Al-Duwayila and Jdaidet Artouz implemented recreational activities aimed at activating women’s participation in the labor market as part of the sustainable development plan, which included sharing the experiences and projects of some women.

In Aleppo, GOPA-DERD’s Community Center’s team in Sheikh Khidr implemented a campaign that included recreational activities, awareness sessions, and handicrafts.

GOPA-DERD’s Community Centers teams in Daraa, Ghabaghb and Izraa, also implemented various recreational and awareness-raising activities.

In As-Suwayda, GOPA-DERD’s Gender-Based Violence team implemented a series of activities that included workshops, health and legal awareness sessions with the aim of empowering women, eliminating poverty and making positive change.

In the Al-Wadi area in Homs, GOPA-DERD’s “Beituna” Center’s team participated with women from the village of Al-Hawash in celebrating International Women’s Day, in cooperation with NCA.

Rural women are among the most important examples of the importance of investing for a better future, as such, GOPA-DERD’s “Darb” Center’s team in Al-Qusayr, Homs, set out for the village of Ain Al-Tanour to celebrate with the women there through various activities and awareness sessions. This took place in cooperation with UNFPA.

In Deir ez-Zor villages of Marat, Al-Shamitiya, and Harabesh, GOPA-DERD’s “Darb” Center’s team carried out various activities.

GOPA-DERD’s “CARMA” Center’s team also carried out an introductory activity on this day in Al-Mayadeen, in cooperation with Caritas Austria.

In Hama, GOPA-DERD’s “PLACE” Center’s team in cooperation with Tearfund, celebrated International Women’s Day with a group of women through various activities.

“CARMA” Center’s team in Souran also provided an awareness session and targeted activities for women.

In Tartous, “PLACE” Center’s team implemented a series of activities that included an open day and awareness sessions. GOPA-DERD’s “PEERS” Center’s team also implemented various activities for women, in cooperation with Caritas Austria.

In Latakia, GOPA-DERD’s “PEERS” and Community Centers’ teams      in Al-Daatour, Jableh and Al-Haffa, implemented a series of recreational and awareness-raising activities for women.

In Al-Hasakah, GOPA-DERD’s team in Al-Hol camp carried out various awareness and recreational activities.

GOPA-DERD’s “Dream” Center’s team in Qamishli, also carried out an awareness session, in cooperation with IOCC