Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Damascus University and GOPA-DERD

With the aim of contributing to the service of the Syrian society and providing support based on cooperation and coordination with an ancient academic entity, and based on the mutual desire between the University of Damascus in Syria and GOPA-DERD to cooperate in the areas of development and support for scientific research, in addition to raising awareness: The two parties, represented by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Osama al-Jabban, President of Damascus University, and Archimandrite Meletius Shattahi, GOPA-DERD Director-General, signed a MoU that includes areas of cooperation in each of the areas of mutual support including research, publication and scientific activity, exchange of participation in conferences, seminars and academic scientific activities, mutual support in the formation of joint volunteer teams from the two teams covering all areas of interest of each of them, conducting discussions between the two teams to reach joint scientific research, activating the volunteer work of the two teams in line with the activities carried out between them, as well as joint contribution to deepening technology research and its application in all research fields, providing advice from specialists of both parties to serve the agreed projects and programs, and mutual support in various sectors of community work, through GOPA-DERD’s Research & Development Unit.