Whilst entering Idlib, GOPA-DERD team continues to provide relief and support to those affected

GOPA-DERD’s team continues to provide relief work to those affected by the earthquake disaster and to provide support to those who deserve it through the distribution of relief, hygiene and food kits, and other types of distributions.

In Aleppo and after monitoring the medicinal needs of the affected people within Ahmed Al-Azzawi School shelter in Al-Midan neighborhood, GOPA-DERD’s Medical team provided the necessary medicines to the affected people within the shelter. The team also distributed family hygiene kits to those affected at “Saad bin Abi Waqqas” school shelter in the Salah al-Din neighborhood and “Mansour School” shelter in Bustan Al-Basha neighborhood.

With the aim of supporting Maharda Health Center – rural Hama, which provides various health and treatment services free of charge, GOPA-DERD’s team presented a wide variety of medicines to treat various diseases. In turn, the team in Tartous responded to the needs of the affected families fleeing from the governorates of Aleppo and Latakia to Mashta al-Hilou area, by distributing food and family hygiene kits.

On the other hand, GOPA-DERD’s team in cooperation with Caritas Switzerland, distributed relief kits to the affected families in the city of Latakia and within “Ahmed Adeeb Al-Ali School” shelter in the Tal Al-Zarazir neighborhood in Aleppo, and to the displaced families to the villages and towns of Kfarbo, Ayo, Tomin and Maharda in rural Hama, where the distributions included blankets, mattresses, coats, and electric chargers.

GOPA-DERD’s team provided family hygiene and food kits, diapers for the elderly and children, to those affected and those living in shelters in each of the neighborhoods of Tal Al-Zarazir, Airtel, Al-Midan, Al-Qaterji, Karm Homed, Bustan Al-Qasr and other neighborhoods of the city Aleppo, and for those affected within the shelters in the areas of Salhab and Masyaf in rural Hama, and Al-Haffah in rural Lattakia, in cooperation with NCA. In addition to distributing these kits in the neighborhoods of Sukkari and Karm Da`da in Aleppo, and the town of Al-Asharnah in rural Hama, and the shelter centers in Jableh in Latakia, in cooperation with both Caritas Austria and Caritas Switzerland.

GOPA-DERD team in cooperation with IOCC distributed food and hygiene kits to families affected by the earthquake in both Latakia and Hama.

In Latakia, GOPA-DERD’s team in cooperation with ZOA distributed ready-to-eat meals to affected families in the city, and food and hygiene kits to affected families in Jableh.

It is worth noting that GOPA-DERD team in cooperation with WFP, had distributed Iftar meals during the holy month of Ramadan, for fasting people in the shelters in Latakia and Al-Haffah.

GOPA-DERD’s team in cooperation with OCHA distributed food kits to families returning to the Abu Dhuhur area in the countryside of Idlib governorate, and to families in the villages and towns in the area.

GOPA-DERD team also distributed food and hygiene kits, and various kits to more than 90 families in Maarat al-Numan, in Idlib governorate, in cooperation with NCA,