Happiness mixed with a Mother's giving and the Love Syndrome was the main title of our team's activities

With common bonds of happiness that combine the tenderness of mothers and the white hearts of children with Down Syndrome

GOPA-DERD’s team celebrated the International Day of Love Syndrome “Down” and Mother’s Day in various areas throughout the Syrian geography.

In Latakia, the team of social centers of Datour implemented various activities on the occasion of International Day of Happiness. The team in Datour Jableh and Al-Haffa carried out a variety of recreational and educational activities, including interactive theatre, handicrafts, awareness sessions for mothers and children, and integration activities for children with love syndrome with other children.

 In Homs, the team of “Darb” center in Qusayr implemented an interactive session for mothers, in which they participated in making pastries in an atmosphere full of joy, in cooperation with UNFPA. More so, GOPA-DERD’s “LIFE” center’s team also organized a handicraft activity for children, during which they made candles and decorated them with messages and greetings of love to their mothers, in cooperation with Caritas Switzerland.

In Daraa, GOPA-DERD’s team in Jebab and Izraa implemented targeted activities for mothers, and integration activities for children with love syndrome.

In an effort to enhance the capabilities of children and bring joy to their hearts, the teams of the social centers in Aleppo implemented targeted recreational activities for children with love syndrome, and in celebration of Mother’s Day, and under the slogan “My Mother is My Happiness”, the protection teams implemented a joint activity for children with their mothers, which included competitions and challenges, ending it by capturing a memorial photograph for the mother and her child, and other recreational activities, in cooperation with UNHCR.

In As-Suwayda, GOPA-DERD’s team provided various activities for mothers and children, during which some mothers shared their experiences with their children with Down Syndrome. GOPA-DERD “Baituna” center’s team also celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting 21 women with their daughters, implementing various activities that included preparing sweets, conducting a medical and psychological discussion session, in cooperation with NCA. In a step that carries a lot of love and gratitude, our team in As-Suwayda prepared more than 30 souvenirs, which were sent to volunteers who are mothers in the areas affected by the earthquake disaster.

In Damascus, GOPA-DERD social centre’s team in Al-Duwailah carried out various activities, during which the team distributed souvenirs and motivational card phrases to passers-by, in addition to an interactive theater and singing performances. And in Jdeidet Artouz in Rural-Damascus, our team implemented a set of recreational and physical activities for more than 50 children, during which they expressed the things that make them happy.

In Hama, the team celebrated with mothers in one of the shelters, an event that included storytelling to introduce Mother’s Day celebration, and other activities that talk about personalities who embodied the role of the mother and have a great impact.

In Al-Hasakah, the team carried out a series of educational and recreational activities in Al-Hol camp.

In Tartous, GOPA-DERD’s “Hand-in-Hand” team implemented various activities, including recreational games, to integrate love syndrome children with other children, in cooperation with UNICEF.

Finally, since the motherhood of the volunteers motivated them more to provide volunteer and humanitarian work, our team in Deir Ezzor implemented an initiative to celebrate the volunteers who are mothers, by presenting them with bouquets of roses and thank-you cards.