In support of humanitarian work and with the aim of discussing close cooperation, a meeting brings NCA and GOPA-DERD together

Upon invitation of NCA HQ in Oslo – GOPA-DERD top management visited Norway and met with NCA General Secretary and NCA team of various divisions, shedding light on the updates of the humanitarian situation in Syria and current pressing needs.
The visit also included a meeting with the Norwegian MFA team responsible for Syrian humanitarian aid, introducing them to the role of GOPA-DERD in Syria, empowering the society to rise again despite the impact the crisis has left on those most vulnerable. In addition, GOPA-DERD discussed the negative effects of the imposed sanctions on the daily life of the Syrians.
Lastly, the visit also included meetings with different leaders within the Church of Norway, conveying them the blessing of His Beatitude John X, elaborating on the situation in Syria, in order to deepen the cooperation between both countries and churches for a peaceful solution and a fruitful co-existence in wounded Syria.