GOPA-DERD's Darb Center in Deir Ez-zor, a new extension of the humanitarian work in NES

We believe in multiple forms of humanitarian action, with the same goal: alleviating the harsh conditions and reaching everyone who needs support everywhere in Syria, regardless of their geographical and social specificity, and within the constant pursuit of this goal, GOPA-DERD’s team in partnership with UNFPA – inaugurated the Darb Center in Deir ez-Zor with its three affiliated points in each of the regions of Harabesh – Shmeitiya – Mrat in the governorate’s countryside, in the presence of a delegation from PMU, UNFPA, and representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

The center provides psychosocial support services (PSS) through group and individual awareness sessions to relieve psychological disorders and stress and follows-up on the cases later with the therapist or specialized psychologist within the center, according to the necessity of each case. In addition, awareness sessions to face gender-based violence (GBV) by defining the types of violence, can be provided.

In terms of medical services, GOPA-DERD’s Darb Center includes a group of medical clinics (women – children – internal) in addition, a pharmacy that provides medicines free of charge according to prescriptions from these clinics.

The three points of the center in the countryside also include a women’s clinic, and provides PSS and GBV services, with the assistance of an economic advisor, provided in cooperation with UNDP.