A light that erases the darkness of isolation

Childhood’s memories are the most beautiful memory that a person carries with him, but if these memories were full of sadness, sorrow, isolation and loneliness, not only do they destroy the childhood, but they destroy an entire life.

Sawsan is an eight-year-old child, suffering from a mental disability that pushed her parents to isolate her from the world and to deprive her from enjoying her childhood as the rest of her peers. The family that was displaced from the Al-Moukhayam neighborhood to the Al-Kashaf neighborhood in Daraa city, and lodged in a shelter, found with the Child Protection program’s team in GOPA-DERD’s Community Center in Daraa a way to understand the condition of their girl Sawsan, who’s reality finally changed and she’s now living an appropriate childhood.

Sawsan’a father said: “We got acquainted with the Community Center that was near us, that offer help to the refugees in diverse fields, and when the Child Protection program’s team knew about Sawsan’s condition, they helped us to register her in a center for the children with special needs, where she found the care that she needed, and GOPA-DERD Community Center’s team assisted Sawsan in getting integrated with her peers and surrounding world.”

In her turn, Sawsan expressed her happiness to be present in the Community Center.