Strong will overcomes difficulties

Rawda lost her sewing factory in Darya, as she lost her husband too; she became alone with four children and in poverty.
Nevertheless, she refused to give up and was able, with the help of GOPA-DERD’s Grants program’s team to establish a sewing factory.        
Rawda said: “after our displacement from Darya to Sehnaya, we lost our factory and our home; however, we had a few money so my husband opened a chicken slaughterhouse. After a while, my husband was kidnaped and they asked me for a large ransom in exchange for his release. I paid two ransoms to the kidnapers, but they cheated on me and my husband did not get back, and I lost all my money.”  
She added: “I have no one to support me anymore, and I had to work to procure food for my children, so I started working in sewing. I was sewing in my home using a small sewing machine and sold them but the income did not suffice us.”
Rawda heard about GOPA-DERD’s Grants program, asked for help and she got the financial grant to establish a sewing factory.
Rawda assured that her dream is to help displaced women since she was helped when she was in need.

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