A helping hand can change destiny 

Bushra is one of the displaced people who is broken deep inside due to that. It left them struggling with the pain of loss and the memories of a beautiful past.   
After the displacement, Bushra’s husband lost his job as a taxi driver, and began working in freelance jobs. Despite this, he is unable to pay the rent of their small house or ensure food for his family. How is he then supposed to afford the cost of his wife’s delivery of twins?
As Bushra’s pregnancy days passed, and the date of her delivery became closer, sadness and fear took over her life. She did not even know what kind of life is waiting for her and her two children, she did not even know if she will go through a normal delivery or a caesarean, which meant there would be more to pay.
Bushra’s elder sister said: “Those days were very hard on my sister, depression haunted her, and she did not know what will happen next. Her babies are already physically and mentally exhausted because of the displacement”.
Now, Bushra is one of the beneficiaries of GOPA-DERD’s Medical program, they ensured the full cost of her delivery.
Bushra’s elder sister said: “Today, the smile on my sister’s face is coming back, and she began to relax when seeing her children in good health. All this is due to the help provided by the Patriarchate”.