“My daughter suffers from sadness and unreasonableness due to her special situation, where society doesn’t treat her like other children, as though she can’t live a normal childhood” said Sana’s mother about her 9 year old daughter who suffers from Down’s Syndrome. Sana was infected with psoriasis, and her mother couldn’t do anything about it due to her weak financial situation and absence of a provider in the family. GOPA-DERD’s Alazeziah community center’s team were informed about Sana’s health situation, and she was referred to a dermatologist to treat her psoriasis which turned out to be of psychological origin, also they contacted an educational institution specialized for children who suffer from Down's Syndrome, in order to start her education. Sana’s mother said: “Today I see that Sana is happy. She started her education and merged with society, and she is cured from psoriasis. It’s been a long time since I saw her smiling like that.” GOPA-DERD’s team follows Sana’s situation very closely by continuous visits to the child friendly space, and provide all the necessary support to place hope and optimism in her heart.