The displacement of families due to the Syrian crisis has put them families in a miserable condition. Ahmad Alhakim was a resident in Aleppo suburbs but he had to leave his home in Albab to Alslemanieh and then to Salah Aldien neighborhood after the security situation improved, then he suffered from poverty after the loss of his job and assets. Sally’s father went to GOPA-DERD’s community center in Alslemanieh and explained his situation and his daughter’s suffering from chronic asthma, therefore GOPA-DERD’s staff responsible for the provision of medical assistance, provided the suitable nebulizer for the family. Sally’s father Ahmad said: “The happiness I felt upon receiving this device was indescribable, we really needed this aid, especially that my daughter needed extra treatment sessions in the hospitals which we couldn’t afford.” Now Sally can easily receive her treatment, hopefully she will breathe painlessly, and her days will be full of bright childhood laughter.