Children’s youth and their future are the most affected by the current crisis, until the most basic elements of life, becomes what they seek the most.

Mariam Alabdulah is a 14 year old Iraqi girl who was relocated with her family from Altal to MasakenBarzeh, only to return after a few months to Altal due to the inability of her parents to afford the rent of housing and the necessities of everyday life for a family. Her mother does not work and her father is almost unemployed, with eight children.

GOPA-DERD’s Iraqi-Syrian educational team contacted Mariam’s mother to include her in the summer school that GOPA-DERD organizes in Our Lady of Sednaya Monastery’s Orphan School.

Mariam said: “I’m very happy to participate in the summer school especially that this is my first time participating in such activities, where I improved in many courses like English and math, in addition to the fun I had practicing recycling, sports and music.”

GOPA-DERD aims to support such activities which enhance children’s educational level and give them back their smiles, especially during the current Syrian crises.