Lattakia Governorate



Lattakia is located in northwest Syria, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Lattakia is known for its beautiful nature which forms a mixture between mountains and forest-covered plains, which makes this governorate one of the most important touristic resorts which has a big role in attracting tourists from inside and outside Syria.
The oldest remains of Homo Sapiens “Neanderthal” were found in Lattakia and dated back to seven hundred thousand years, and other monuments dating back to 35.000 years and even 12.000 years B.C.
Lattakia had many other names such as: the bride of the sea, Ugarit, and Laodicea which is the origin of its current name.


The area and population:

Lattakia extends on about 2.297 km2 with about 1.008.000 habitants according to the last statistics conducted in 2010.


Lattakia’s importance and landmarks:

Lattakia is the first Syrian outlet on the Mediterranean Sea, containing its biggest ports “Port of Lattakia”, it also gives Lattakia a unique commercial position and several vital facilities.
Lattakia is also considered an important touristic center for its archaeological sites, in addition to its moderate weather, giving Lattakia the chance of being a popular destination for nearly half a million visitors a year.
The Kingdom of Ugarit is one of the most significant monuments in Lattakia, which is still in majority buried in sands, it is the birthplace of the first alphabet and the home of “Lucius" or "Luke” one of Paul the apostle’s disciples, and the first Bishop of Lattakia, who was mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles.
Another essential monument in Lattakia is the Citadel of Saladin, which was chosen as one of the World Heritage sites, protected by UNESCO.


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