Idleb Governorate



Idleb is located in the northern gate of Syria, and is one of the richest Syrian provinces, forming a link between the various areas of country.
Idleb is considered the cradle of the oldest human civilizations, and contains hundreds of forgotten cities.
There were many theories about the origin of Idleb’s name, the most popular one said that the word Idleb came from the Canaanite Aramaic word "Adalbo” which means the place of gathering and marketing the agricultural crops.


Area and population:

Idleb extends on about 6100 km2 with about 1.500.000 inhabitants- according to the last statistic in 2010.


Idleb’s importance and landmarks:

Idleb had a special site on the silk road, and is also known for its oil and sesame mill, as well as for its soap industry.
Some of the most famous landmarks can be found in the National Museum which includes archeological finding belonging to the third millennium B.C.


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