Der Al-Zor Governorate


Der Al-Zor is located in the East of Syria, sited on the side of the Euphrates River. Many specialists had dated back the invention of the agriculture in its primitive form to this area and Its neighboring spaces, dating to nearly 12.000 years ago.
This area still relies on agriculture and the livestock resources as its main economic activity.


Area and population:

Der Al-Zor extends on 33.06 km2, with about 1.600.000 inhabitants- according to the last statistics conducted in 2010.


Der Al-Zor’s importance and landmarks:

Der Al-Zor is famous by its rich mining sites and in rock salt from which halite is extracted. Many oil and gas fields are spread in Der Al-Zor, in addition to several industrial establishments to produce textile, agricultural machinery, converting Industries, etc.
Der Al-Zor city –the center of the governorate- has a giant museum containing more than twenty-five thousand archeological items returning to the ages of the Greeks, Romans, Persians and The Palmyrenes, while others dated it back to the pre-civilization period such as: the remains of “Mary city”. Also, the city has numerous historic houses in their original sizes.


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Der Al-Zor - Al-koussour - Al-Bijamat Neighborhood