Al-Raqua Governorate


Al-Raqua governorate is located in the Syrian Central North, on the northern riverbank of the Euphrates, and was founded in 244-242 BC. 
It was an economic and military center in the Byzantine epoch, later on it became a cultural and scientific center in Al-Abbasid Period. 
The name Al-Raqua means the “Flat Rock”


Area and population:

Al-Raqua extends on 19.616 km2, with about 944.000 habitants, according to the last statistics conducted in 2010. 


Al-Raqua’s importance and landmarks:

Its economic importance stems from the Euphrates Dam which is surrounded by productive establishments which are necessary to the river investment, in addition to reclaimed farmland projects. It also depends on the nearby oil fields.
The most important monuments owned by Al-Raqua are the antiquities belonging to the Abbasid period including the remains of three palaces, and Al-Jaabar castle which is considered a destination for tourists from the world.
Al-Rassafeh city is the popular by its heritage and artifacts, that are displayed in the Damascus National Museum, and many other museums in the world.


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