Al-Hasakeh Governorate



Al-Hasakeh is located in northeast Syria, most of its inhabitants cultivate different crops, most importantly cotton and grain.
Al-Hasakeh is also called the “Syrian island” due to alignment with the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, and that is what makes Al-Hasakeh a cradle to many early civilizations such as the Aramean and the Amorites.
Many historical resources stated that the presence of humans in the area dated back to the eighth millennium B.C.
The most popular cities in Al-Hasakeh are: Al- Qamishli and Al- Malikieh, in addition to the central city Al- Hasakeh.


Area and population:

Al-Hasakeh extends on 23.000 km2, with about 1.377.000 inhabitants, according to the last statistic conducted in 2010. 


Al-Hasakeh’s importance and landmarks:

Al-Hasakeh is considered a main source for petroleum in Syria, since its oil fields spread in Rmelan, Al-Hol, and Al-Jabseh areas. 
The governorate is rich in water resources which shape about 52% of the Syrian water resources.
 It has various archeological sites, which are considered by archaeologists one of the most ancient cities in the world, in addition to its remains which date back to the third millennium BC. 
One of the most significant monuments is the monastery of Marry that is situated near the Al-Khabor riverbed.  


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