Aleppo Governorate


Aleppo is located in north Syria, and is considered one of the oldest and most famous cities in the world, and is renowned since a long time ago for its traditional industry.
Aleppo is rich by its archeological sites, dating back to the earliest civilization in the world, since it dates back to eight thousand years. Several kingdoms and states saw life in Aleppo during its history.
Numerous historians and travelers stated that “Aleppo is the East’s key and gate”.
Aleppo is mentioned in Ebla kingdom’s clay tablets, as well as in one of the texts from the “Pharaoh Ramesses II” epoch.


Area and population:

Aleppo extends on 18.482 km2, with about 4.868.000 habitants, according to the last statistic conducted in 2010.

Aleppo’s importance and landmarks:

Aleppo is considered the most important industrial center in Syria and the Arab World, in addition to its commercial and agricultural importance.
Many sites are worth a visit throughout the Aleppo Governorate, such as mineral and sulfuric waters, falls, in addition to the beautiful natural sightings in its countryside.

This Governorate is famous for its archeological sites located in its cities and towns, such as: Aleppo’s Citadel, one of the largest castles in the world, The Great Omayyad Mosque, the Church of Saint Simeon Stylites, the Churches, the gates of Aleppo and Aleppo’s Eastern markets.

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Office (1) Aleppo - Sulaymaniyah – Al-Villat Street- next to St. Elias Church

Office (2) Aleppo - Al-Aziziyah - facing Latin Church

Office (3) Aleppo - Sulaymanyah -Facing Syriatel Center

Office (4) Aleppo - Al-Sheikh Khidr area

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Office (6) Aleppo - Old Syriac

Office (7) Aleppo - Eastern Villat