Curriculum Vitae

Archimandrite Dr. Alexi Chehadeh



2016 PhD University of Münster – Germany
  Thesis: “Al-Turabi between imitation and renewal: his understanding of Islam, Islamic state, human rights and jihad”
Until Dec. 2013 Research Assistant at the Institute of Theology and Peace, Hamburg – Germany
1999 – 2004 Master of Arts in Islamic Studies at University of Hamburg
  • Grade: 1 (Equivalent to “A” in USA and “A” in UK
  • Major: Islamic Studies
  • Minor 1: New and Medieval History
  • Minor 2: Religious Studies (Mainly Orthodox Theology)
  • Thesis: “Christians in the environment of Muhammad”
1986 – 1991 Diploma in Applied Chemistry at University of Damascus
  • Grade: 2+ (equivalent to “A” in USA and “B” in UK)
  • Major: Applied Chemistry

Professional Experience

2015 – Present Different Master Courses at VID – Norway
2014 – 2016 Lecturer at the Balamand University – Lebanon
2013 University Lecturer at the Institute of Mission, Ecumenism and Religious studies, University of Hamburg
2004 – 2011 University Lecturer at the Asia – Africa Institute, University of Hamburg
2006 – 2007 Lecturer at the Adult Education Center, Aumühle Course Topic: Arabic Language for foreigners (I-IV)


2015 Dialogue between LWF and Orthodox Church, Join Commission Rhodes - Greece
2011 “New Authorities in the Arab World? Politics and Media after the Revolutionary Breakup”, Bad Homburg, Germany, November 18th
  “Living the Christian Faith in Palestine and the Middle East: Theological and Political Challenges in Orthodox and Ecumenical Perspective”, Volos – Greece, June 20th – 22nd
  “Introduction into the Ethics of Peace”, Hamburg, Germany, March 14th – 17th
2010 “Ethics of Peace – An Orthodox Consultation”, Damascus – Syria, October 17th – 22nd
2009 “Ethics of Peace – An Orthodox Consultation”, Bucharest, Romania, June 29th – July 2nd
  “Moral, Justice and Peace”, Hamburg, Germany, March 30th – April 3rd
  “Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the Course of History: Exchange and Conflicts”, Munich – Germany, March 16th – 18th
2008 “Annual Clergy Conference of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West.
L.A, U.S.A, February 1st – 8th


2017 The Syrian Crisis, Syrians Need Peace; DERD “Light of Hope”, at the “World Summit” “Persecution of Christians”, Washington DC, May 8th
  Crisis in Syria and the Role of DERD: Syrians between War and Hope, at the “LA World Affairs Council”, May 18th
2014 Nativity of Jesus in Bible and Quran, Syrian Consulate, Bremen, Germany January 7th
2013 “Syrian’s War Drama. Are we Brigadiers or Fire-Raisers?” Live Political Talk Show (TV, Pffeifer Fragt), Business Club Hamburg, Germany, November 21st
  Can We Generally Achieve Peace? The Syrian example, Panel Discussion, Hamburg – Germany, October 15th
“War in Syria, the Situation of the Christians and Refugees” German
  Parliament Berlin – Germany, June 20th
2012 “Dialogue as a mean to overcome the crisis in Syria”, Evangelic Academy Hofgerimstar/Kassel – Germany, August 25th
2011 “Security and Peace: Preconditions for Successful Reforms! Using the Example of Syria”, University of Flensburg, Germany, June 28th
2010 "Peace and Violence in Islam by reference to the Quran and Sunna” Institute of Theology and Peace, Hamburg – Germany, October 28th
  “Human Rights in Islam with regards to the Mission in Afghanistan” Institute of Theology and Peace, Hamburg – Germany, March 23rd
2009 “Peace attempts in Lebanon: The Example of Nasrallah and Aoun”, Institute of Theology and Peace, Hamburg – Germany, November 9th
  “The Dialogue of Cultures and Religions from the Viewpoint of a Rum-Orthodox Cleric”, Goethe Institute, Hamburg – Germany, November 28th
  “Antioch: The Cradle of Christianity: The Rum-Orthodox between Home and Diaspora”, Regional Authority for Civic Education, Hamburg – Germany, October 8t

Publications and Editing

2016 Father Alexi Chehadeh: Diakonia in a Practical Perspective: Orthodox Reflection on the Background of the Syrian Crisis; in “Diakonia in a Gender Perspective”, Oxford, 2016
2013 Literary and linguistic support for the systemization and cataloging of the volume “Christian-Arabic Handwriting”
  Edited by Dr. Nikolaj Serikoff
2012 “Just Peace: Orthodox Perspectives”
  Edited by Semegnish Aswaf, Alexius Chehadeh and Marian GH. Simion
  Published by World Council of Churches
2011 “For a Better Presence of Christians in the Near East: The Example of the Syrian and Greek-Orthodox Church of Antioch in Syria” in: Herder Korrespondenz, Number 8, 65’s issue, 107-174
2010 “The Greek-Orthodox Church of Antioch in Syria”, in: Wort und Anrwort, 04/2010, Hamburg, 170-176
  PDF Version
2009 “Dialogue of Cultures and Religions from the Viewpoint of a Rum-Orthodox Cleric” in:
  PDF Version


2008 Stegeman, Harmut 1993: Die Essener, Qumran, Joahness der Taufer und Jesus, Freiburg: Herder.
Arabic title: Al- assanlyun, Qumran, Yuhanna w Yasu’, Beirut, 2008
2007 “Education to Equality: An Answer to Inequality and Intolerance”, 4th Vienna International Christian-Islamic Round Table, Medling June 29th – July 2nd 2006
in: Research Center for the Christian-Islamic Dialogue (ed.): “Christentum und Islam in Dialog und Zusammenarbeit”, Beirut
Arabic title: al-tarb ya ala’ al-musawat fil-huquq: rad ‘ala azzulum wal tazamut

Additional Experience

Sep. 2015 – Present Director General of the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development(DERD), Syria
Feb. 2015 – Present Chief Director of the Patriarchal Magazine “Alnashra”, Syria
2012 – Present Several News Letter, Radio and TV interviews Worldwide
2000 – 2008 Translations for the magazine “Der Spiegel” and for the television show “Spiegel-TV”, Hamburg – Germany.
Since 2004 Member of the Hamburg Orient Society
2000 Founder and Editor of the Parish Magazine “Al-Buschra” (Good News)
1996 Co-founder of the Parish Magazine “Antiochia”, Germany

Clerical Profession and Experience




Nov. 2016 Elevation to the Dignity of Archimandrite
Dec. 2015 Awarding the Order of the Archdiocese of Germany and Middle Europe with the Rank of “Highest Officer”
Jan. 2014 Patriarchal Priest by His Beatitude Patriarch John X
2008 – 2013 Coordinator for the relationship between the Lutheran Church in Kurhessen-Walceck and the Antiochian Metropolis of Europe
1993 – 2013 Priest of the Antioch-Orthodox Archdiocese of Europe.
2007 Conferment of the title “Exarchos of Antioch-Orthodox Archdiocese of Europe”
2002 – 2007 Representative of the Church to “The Inter-Religious Forum Hamburg”
2000 – 2007 Representative of the Antioch Church to the Commission of the Orthodox Bishops in Germany
  Representative of the Antioch Church to the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)
  Several visits, to Antioch communities in New-Jersey/USA, England, Paris/France, Moscow/Russia, Goteborg/Sweden, Oslo/Norway, Antioch/Turkey
  Annual hosting of meetings for Children, Teenagers and Women in Germany
  Participation in several clerical and ecumenical conferences
  Representative of the Metropolitans to Germany
1995 – 2007 Establishing and Restructuring of Parishes in Germany (Parish of Hannover, Kassel, Karlsruhe, Schwenningen, Mannheim and Butzbach)
2002 – 2003 Representative of all Orthodox and ancient Near Eastern churches in Hamburg to the “Hamburg-City Bridge”